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"When I was invited as a batik artist to participate in the MADE IN INDONESIA Festival, I had no idea how big this event was going to be. The venue, stage, performances, and staff all together were so professional, it was not only such a joy to be there as a spectator, but it made me soproud to be part of the roster of presenters. Although I'm not Indonesian myself, I've long considered Indonesia my secondhome. I lived there for six years and still return annually, I've traveled there for decades, I learned batik there, I have many friends in that country, and I'm fluent in the language.

One great thing about the MADE IN INDONESIA festival is that most of the attenders were not Indonesian, and many of them likely knew little about this magical country before visiting the festival. I could tell, by their comments and their smiles, that they truly enjoyed learning about Indonesia, watching the performances, sampling its foods, and buying crafts as  they attended the day long event.


​The MADE IN INDONESIA team is deeply committed to promoting Indonesian culture, bringing it to the broader American audience, and I am deeply honored to be affiliated with them."

Laura F. Cohn
From Bali to Bala

"Bersyukur sekali saya pernah ikut terlibat Made In Indonesia (MII), dari mulai Made In Indonesia pertama kali tahun 2011, kemudian saya bisa tampil lagi di Made In Indonesia ketiga tahun 2013. Saya banyak mengetahui karena banyak terlibat dari persiapan awal MII. Salut dengan perjuangan mbak Maya yang ingin membuat event yang mungkin selama ini belum pernah dibuat di Washington D.C. yang sangat mewakili Indonesia.

Buat saya yang sangat berkesan pada saat persiapan menjelang Made In Indonesia pertama. Saya berangkat dari Jakarta beberapa hari sebelumnya karena niat saya selain sebagai performer, saya juga mau membantu persiapannya. Sampai di DC betul-betul saya ikut dengan mbak Maya membantu persiapan menjelang hari H sampai saya membuat dekor untuk di sepanjang jalan dan stage di venue, saya membuat umbul-umbul, men-cat hiasan gantung dan sebagainya, yang kalau di Jakarta tidak mungkin saya lakukan ini. Saya bangga karena pada akhirnya event Made In Indonesia pertama waktu itu sukses, penontonnya banyak dan mereka menyukai event ini. Alhamdulillah Made In Indonesia sudah sampai tahun ke 3, semoga Made In Indonesia ke 4 dan seterusnya akan semakin besar sesuai cita-cita mbak Maya terutama semakin banyak support dari berbagai pihak untuk lebih menunjang lagi event Made In Indonesia."

"I'm very grateful to be part of Made In Indonesia back in 2011 and to have had the opportunity to perform once more in the Made In Indonesia 3 event in 2013. I've been very knowledgeable of this event ever since I helped with the preparations of the very first Made In Indonesia. Much respect to Maya for having the passion to create an event that has never been done in the Washington D.C. area before. They promote the Indonesia culture and heritage through this event and does so very publicly. 

In my opinion, the most memorable part of MII was the preparation towards the firts event. I left from Jakarta days before the initial event day to help with the preparation and to help out not only as a performer. When I got to D.C., I focused straight on working to help prepare for MII. I help put up street decorations, decorations on stage, put up banners, paint hanging decor, etc. Those in Jakarta might not have expected all of this but I'm very proud to have been part of the first Made In Indonesia as it was a hug success. Thousands people showed up in Made In Indonesia and really enjoyed the event. It's exciting how the Made In Indonesia festival has been on for 3 years, and hopefully, there will be a Made In Indonesia 4 and more to come as it becomes even more grand each year until it reaches Maya's dreams. May more and more people support Made In Indonesia and help Maya's on their journey."

Salam MII


Best regards,


Hedi Yunus

Singer / Artist

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